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What Billionaire Space Flights Mean to Healthcare Workers

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage around the globe and climate disaster is destroying the planet, billionaires are taking joyrides to space. Two healthcare workers who worked throughout the pandemic respond.

Mike Pappas | August 2, 2021

Eviction Moratorium Expired, Millions Face Homelessness

After a half-hearted attempt to extend the eviction moratorium failed, the House of Representatives left for summer vacation.

Emma Lee |

Cuba: Causes and Consequences of July 11

In the midst of multiple crises, Cuba saw the most dramatic protests in 27 years.

Claudia Cinatti | July 25, 2021


A black and white photo of the opening march of the 1931 Workers' Olympiad

For a Workers’ Olympics!

Nathaniel Flakin | July 22, 2021

We Are Thirsty!: Thousands Take to the Streets in Response to Iran’s Escalating Water Crisis

Over the past week, thousands of multi-ethnic Iranians have demonstrated in response to Iran’s water crisis and power blackouts. These protests, in conjunction with massive oil strikes and strikes in other sectors, highlight the discontent of a large swath of the Iranian population that faces a sanctions-battered economy and a repressive bourgeois regime.

Maryam Alaniz | July 21, 2021

The Capitalist Disaster and the Struggle for an International of Socialist Revolution

This manifesto was approved by the leaderships of the groups of the Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International in April 2021.

Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International | April 18, 2021


Pandemic Profiteers: Pfizer Profits Exceed $10 Billion in Six Months

Juan Andrés Gallardo | August 1, 2021

Pfizer has announced record profits as a result of vaccine sales. While the world is in crisis, pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions of dollars from advance contracts and by preventing the release of patents.

Biden Is Expediting Deportations of Migrant Families

Tatiana Cozzarelli | July 29, 2021

The Biden administration added another repressive measure against migrants on top of Donald Trump’s already draconian Title 42. Now border patrol agents have the right to decide asylum cases.


Image of rubble and a lot of smoke in the background. People stand in front of the wreckage.

Joe Biden is Bombing Somalia

K.S. Mehta | August 1, 2021

Despite claims to reduce drone strikes, Joe Biden is bombing Somalia.

Coldest Weather in Decades Hits Brazil — Climate Change Is to Blame

Otto Fors | July 30, 2021

This month, on the heels of the country’s worst drought in a century, Brazil has experienced historic cold weather. The effects on agriculture could have negative consequences across the world.


Private Cops in Uptown Minneapolis — Another Tool to Maintain the Racist-Capitalist System

Adnan Ahmed | July 22, 2021

Citizen’s arrest laws—a relic of colonial times—exist in all 50 states and were created to help catch slaves when Black people were considered property. Recently, private cops hired by the Seven Points Uptown shopping mall arrested activists in Uptown, Minneapolis. Laws and legality in bourgeois society function to maintain the racist-capitalist status quo. We must kick all cops, private or not, out of our communities and unions.

A Woke Mural and Black Dolls: How Target Hides Its Racism

Adnan Ahmed | July 8, 2021

Target used empty antiracist gestures in reopening its East Lake Street store in Minneapolis, which was damaged during the George Floyd uprising. But featuring a woke mural and selling Black dolls will not hide its role in violent racist policing.


Michael Harrington’s Failure of Vision

Left Voice | July 25, 2021

Interview with Doug Greene, author of a new biography of Michael Harrington.

Mariátegui: Marxism, Anti-imperialism, and Socialism

Juan Dal Maso |

The political crisis in Peru has led to a renewed interest in José Carlos Mariátegui, Latin America’s greatest Marxist.


mine workers

Alabama Coal Miners Protest Outside BlackRock Office in New York

Otto Fors | July 29, 2021

On Wednesday morning, UMWA coal miners picketed the Manhattan office of BlackRock to demand a better contract. These workers recognize that they put their lives on the line to keep society running while bosses collect the profits.

Frito Lay workers stand in front of traffic lights, the one in the front is holding a sign that says "united we bargain, divided we beg."

Forced to Work 80 Hours a Week, Frito-Lay Factory Workers Are on Strike for Their Lives

James Dennis Hoff | July 18, 2021

As prices for basic consumer goods rise, corporations like PepsiCo, which owns Frito-Lay, are raking in billions while paying their employees poverty wages and investing almost nothing in additional production.


How Joseph Stalin Helped Create the State of Israel

Nathaniel Flakin | May 21, 2021

Joseph Stalin committed numerous crimes against the international working class. But one of his greatest crimes was the support he gave to the foundation of the state of Israel. Trotskyists, in contrast, have always opposed Zionism.

Chile ’73: Was Victory Possible?

Pablo Torres | April 12, 2020

Allende’s experience was the most radical attempt to achieve socialism through elections and gradual reforms. What went wrong?

When the North Star Turned Red

Nathaniel Flakin | May 12, 2019


Spain: Mass Mobilizations against Homophobic Murder Met with Government Repression

La Izquierda Diario Argentina | July 8, 2021

After a homophobic hate crime, thousands take to the streets.

A Black person in a black crop top is holding a rainbow flag. They are in front of a parade.

Five Things We Should Fight For This Pride

Tatiana Cozzarelli | June 27, 2021

This Pride weekend, we remember and celebrate the Stonewall uprising led by trans women of color. Although we have won some concessions, we have so much more to fight for. We must look past all of the trappings of rainbow capitalism — which seek to distract us from the work we still have to do — and understand that our role, like that of our elders before us, is to fight for queer liberation and the end of capitalism.


Competition, Monopoly, and Exploitation under Capitalism

Michael Roberts | July 17, 2021

While signing an executive order to expand competition and crack down on monopolistic practices, Joe Biden said that “capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation.” His statement reflects a long-standing assumption among both classical and more left-leaning economists alike that increasing monopolization is the source of increasing exploitation under capitalism. What do they get wrong? Economist Michael Roberts explains.

An illustration of a line from a chart that goes up at the end, an illustrated hand is drawing it.

Inflation, Interest Rates, and Debt

Michael Roberts | July 9, 2021

Accelerating inflation may be an issue right now in the U.S. and other recovering capitalist economies. But for capitalism, profitability is the real benchmark and that can be hit by wage rises on the one hand and interest rises on the other.

The Productivity Crisis

Michael Roberts | June 2, 2021

Covid and Fictitious Capital

Michael Roberts | January 27, 2021

What’s in Store for the Economy under Biden?

Michael Roberts | January 21, 2021


“They Just Don’t Care”: Environmental Racism and Detroit

Emma Boyhtari | July 14, 2021

The Boynton neighborhood, where activist Emma Lockridge resides, is located within Detroit 48217, known as Michigan’s most polluted zip code. For the past eight years, Emma and her community have been fighting to force Marathon Petroleum to buy out their homes.

The Northwest Heatwave Killed Hundreds and Capitalists Won’t Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction

Robert Belano | July 3, 2021

Record-breaking temperatures were felt across the Pacific Northwest in the past week, affecting 13 million people and creating deadly wildfires and thunderstorms. The connection between extreme weather and climate change is as clear as ever, but neither Biden nor Trudeau are capable of taking meaningful action.

“Net Zero by 2050” Means Disaster

Jack Crawford | April 16, 2021

It’s Time to Nationalize Corporate Energy

Nicodemus Nicoludis | March 24, 2021

Lessons From the Texas Disaster

Ashley Dawson | February 19, 2021


Who Is the Trotskyist Fraction?

Nathaniel Flakin | December 28, 2019

Left Voice is part of an international network of revolutionary online newspapers. That network is published by the Trotskyist Fraction.


Tunisian President Kais Saied sits at a conference table wearing a suit. The Tunisian flag and a wall of books are in the background.

Coup in Tunisia: Not What the Arab Spring Revolutionaries Had in Mind

Emma Lee | July 29, 2021

In response to widespread protests of economic instability and a poorly handled pandemic response, Tunisian President Kais Saied consolidated power on Sunday by suspending parliament and dismissing the prime minister.

Protesters stand facing NYPD officers outside "The Gym," an organizing space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Police Violently Crack Down on Brooklyn Organizing and Mutual Aid Network “The Gym”

Broadway/Myrtle Corridor Residents | July 27, 2021

On Saturday, July 24, the NYPD once again brutalized community members in Brooklyn who were trying to reclaim an unused storefront.


Elderly person sitting in a wheelchair with their back facing the camera in front of a window with the shutters open.

Capitalist Healthcare Killed My Grandparent … And Hurts All Elderly

Mike Pappas | July 18, 2021

As a healthcare worker in New York City, I write this as a way to process and grieve, as less than 72 hours ago, another human was killed at the hands of the capitalist healthcare system. In the past, I have written about capitalism’s detrimental effects on our lives, and I have personally seen countless suffer and die at the hands of these systems in the healthcare setting. Today is different, as this death is more personal. This time the for-profit healthcare system under capitalism killed my grandfather.


Perspectives for 2021: Interview with Michael Roberts and Claudia Cinatti

Claudia Cinatti | December 15, 2020

The year of the coronavirus pandemic is drawing to a close. What are the trends in the economy, the political situation, and the class struggle in the year to come?